Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeding your skin from within

The body’s largest organ of elimination is the skin, your skin flushes out wastes and toxins through its pores. When you build up more than your skin, kidneys and liver (also cleansing and filtering organs) can handle, lump and bumps, welts, blemishes and pimples result.
No intensive blemish-clearing wrinkle erasing “recipe” can be absorbed through clogged, constipated skin. Skin must be clean not only for the outside in, but from the inside out as well.
Toxin and sludge makers include those infamous refined sugars and refined carbohydrates, fried food, indigestible animal fats, alcohol and caffeine. Go easy on the French fries and potato chips, milled grains and flour, full fatted ice creams, cookies, cakes and candies. Red flag chocolates, colas, coffee and other caffeine containers. Over a period of time, improper diet, particularly one lacking in protein (sometimes the result of a fad dieting) and deficient in vitamins A, C and E, zinc and silicon leads to collagen breakdown, and premature sagging and wrinkling.
Your skin directly reflects your entire physical condition. Nibbling clean, means nibbling on the right foods.  A magnetic glowing complexion is the direct result of a clean, sludge-free and healthy inner you.
Munch on those vitamins and minerals rich fresh fruits and veggies. Be sure to balance in sufficient protein—your skin’s collagen and elastin are proteins, and all your body will begin to deplete the protein in your skin and muscle. Don’t forget whole grains and complex carbohydrates. Many over-oily, over dry or problematic conditions clear rapidly with a change diet.
Be sure to include your 6-8 ounces glasses of water a day along with your fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices along with whichever proteins work best for you.