Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alkaline - Acid Foods

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“To maintain total body and brain health almost all your body cells, including skin cells, should be alkaline. When the human blood is alkaline (and normally between the pH range of 7.35 and 7.42) your body can regenerate new cells for all body organs, including the skin. Red wine, pizza, and coffee can cause your face to turn red because they are acidic. A build up of lactic acid from over-exercising, or adrenaline from stress or anxiety can also cause the facial flushing to occur because they too are acidic. When the blood is too acidic it is a condition known as "metabolic acidosis." Just as police officers have warning lights on their cars to alert the driver that has too much red wine or other alcohol with a high blood alcohol content (metabolic intoxication) - these signs are just warning lights that other organs are also being affected by the overly acidic blood, When you are physically tired from work, exercise, etc. your brain does not function normally. Our objective is to keep both the brain and body healthy by keeping them alkaline so body and brain cells can regenerate. The best way of doing this is to drink plenty of water, stay away from acidic foods and drinks, and find a way to relax!”
“The accumulation of acids have different names depending on the location where it is noticed. When we intake acidic or party foods and drinks, we flush and call it rosacea on our face. With more accumulation and less exercise to burn the acids, the acids accumulate on the stomach or backside (buns) and we call it body fat or maybe fat and cellulite and purchase bigger clothes over the years. When acids accumulate on the teeth, we call it tooth plaque which breaks down the tooth enamel resulting in a tooth cavity. When acids build up in the arteries, we again call it artery plaque or cholesterol which can lead to artery blockages and heart attacks. All these words have a common meaning of Metabolic Acidosis which is the accumulation of lactic acid from exercising, prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs or street drugs and all food and beverage triggers. The process of better skin and likewise having all better organs is doing the opposite by neutralizing or buffering the acids by alkalizing the acids by the use of antioxidants.”http://www.rosacea-ltd.com/aboutrosacealtd.php3
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