Monday, April 16, 2012

Acid and Alkaline

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Why it is important to understand what Acid and Alkaline will do for you?

When they are metabolized, carbohydrates, proteins and fats produce inorganic and organic acids. These acids are all poisonous. We have to eliminate them from our bodies as quickly as possible. However, if these acids substances were eliminated through the kidneys and large intestines those organs would suffer damage from the acid.  The good part is that God created our bodies with the capacity to neutralize those acids by mineral compounds. Together, the mineral compounds and acids produce substances which are not longer poisonous to us and which can be safely eliminated.
The family of mineral compounds, which neutralizes acids, is carbonic salts. When carbonic salts meet strong acids such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid (from Proteins), acetic acid and lactic acid, (from Carbohydrates and fats) the alkaline minerals making up the carbonic salt leave the salt and combine with the acids to make new salts.
In short, the acids which are the end product of metabolism can be eliminated only after they are changed to neutral salts. Then they are not longer harmful to the kidney and to the wall of the intestine.
The result of this change from acid to neutral salt reduces the concentration of alkaline elements in the blood and then in the extracellular fluid. It is this lowered concentration of alkaline elements that is referred to as the acidic condition of the body fluid.
Since in order for us to be healthy our body fluid must be kept at an alkaline level (PH 7.4), we must re-supply the lost alkaline elements through the foods we eat.
One of the important causes of cancer and other degenerative diseases is the cumulative effect of the acidic condition of body fluid.  I believe we can prevent almost all sicknesses, including cancer, if diets are changed considering the acid and alkaline effects of food in our bodies.
Cancer develops in the following stages:
1. Ingestion of many acid forming foods, fatty foods, protein rich foods, refined foods,  carcinogenic substances such as nitrites, and chemically treated foods in general. X-ray scans contribute even at this stage.
2. Increased constipation.
3. Increase acidity in the blood.  This causes an increase of white cells and a decrease of red cells, which is the beginning of leukemia.
4. Increase of acidity in the extracellular fluids.
5. Increase of acidity in the intracellular fluids.
6. Birth of malignant cells. This is the stage of cancer initiation.
7. The further consumption of many acid forming foods. Receiving high levels of radiation, chemical, and drug treatment. This is the stage of cancer called promotion.