Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fruity peels

No one in skin care has missed the alpha hydroxy acids sweeping the cosmetic industry. The AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) actually include a broad of organic acids, including the also familiar sugarcane derived glycolic acid.

Actually known for centuries, Cleopatra’s famed skin was the result of the alpha hydroxyl acid- lactic acid found in the sour milk she used in her baths. Ladies in French court swore by anti-wrinkle agent tartaric acid, daubing their smooth, glowing complexion with clarifying old wine.

In fact, if you have orange (citric acid), lemon, grape, grapefruit, or an apple in the house, a can of tomatoes, a carton of yogurt, fermented butter milk, or wine that has “turned”, you have the making of a AHA peel.

To begin “peeling”: simply apply the pulp or juice of any one or more of the preceding fruits and or beverages directly to your face for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Natural, gentle, at home fruity peels work their culinary magic very slowly. They not only encourage new cell growth, they lighten sun spots, face scars, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, balance out dryness, uneven pigmentation, and acne, as well as unclog pores.

You will not actually see your skin redden, crust, or peel as in a sun burn or a deep skin peel that is given by a physician using high concentration of chemicals acids. There is no recuperation time, not is there the danger of uneven pigmentation, burning, compromising the immune system (your skin is your first line of defense), over thinning aging skin or other tenuous results. The gentle at home fruity peels can be used daily.

Before applying any fruit or vegetable preparation to your skin always test a small area first.

While you may able to eat certain foods, some may cause a reaction when applied to your skin