Friday, February 11, 2011


Eggs have gotten a bad rap...eggs are the healthiest, most complete food choice available today. This high quality super food is the perfect protein and contains every nutrient known to man. Eggs have been a staple in man's diet since day one.

In the past 8 years I have consumed over 5600 raw eggs with no ill effects.

For breakfast I eat live food smoothies. The one constant in these  smoothies is 2 raw eggs. I blend these eggs with a little raw unheated honey and fresh organic fruit.  The smoothie base depends on my mood and/or  what's on hand....raw milk, raw cream, raw coconut cream, raw keifer, or raw yogurt.

When it comes to smoothies, it's the raw eggs that makes this breakfast drink second to none. Don't waste your time and money on new fangled, high processed protein powders & drinks...think/drink eggs. 

Not all eggs are created equal, so choose organic cage free eggs.


Contain the full compliment of 8 essential amino acids. These protein building blocks are crucial
for human growth and well being.
Contain lutein in lipid form which is important for eye and skin health.
Protect against age related diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts.
Reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
Contain calcium, vitamin B12, and fat soluble vitamins A & D.
Contain sulfur-containing proteins that keep our cell membranes together.
Contain the fatty acids EPA and DHA, which in adults sharpen mental acuity.
EPA and DHA in children and infants are responsible for brain development.
EPA and DHA are crucial in the prevention and treatment of ADD and ADHD.
EPA and DHA improve overall brain chemistry.

In Asia eggs have always been considered a brain food. It is not uncommon for a pregnant or nursing mother to consume 12 eggs per day.

Moms to be- EGGS & FERTILITY go hand and hand. Good fats, like EPA & DHA, found in egg yolks, are the precursor to your sex hormones. A diet high in healthy fats is key when trying to conceive.  

After years of negative spin and bad science, the West once again is embracing the egg with open arms and open mouths. Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Nutrition recommends an egg yolk a day for children 6 months old and above. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but an egg yolk a day will keep low SAT scores away.

I am the egg man but I know some of YOU or YOUR KIDS aren't. If you have trouble stomaching eggs a cooked egg is better then no egg....the less heated the better.

From a nutrition standpoint here's how eggs stack up from best to medi"yoker".

Raw whole eggs..."Rocky" style (straight up) or in a smoothie rank the BEST.
Fried (use butter)
Hard Boiled

Why raw eggs?

Eggs in the raw state are the most nutritious and easiest to digest.
Egg allergies often don't occur with raw eggs.
Heating the egg actually alters the protein and denatures the good fat resulting in allergies
and other health issues.

Mom's- get sneaky and slip a raw egg or egg yolk into your child's smoothie...they will never know. The payoff is priceless. A smarter, better behaved and happier child (no depression, ADD or ADHD). This minor deception can save YOU from a living hell during those trying teen years.

EGG BEATERS or powered eggs aren't eggs, so NEVER eat them. High temperature
oxidizes cholesterol in these imposters.  Recent studies suggest oxidized cholesterol causes
blood vessel damage. The cholesterol in healthy raw or slightly cooked eggs is actually good for you.


Consuming raw eggs makes us sick due to Salmonella.
Cholesterol levels are increased with egg consumption.
Consuming egg whites is healthier then consuming egg yolks.


Salmonella is found in eggs from corporate factory farmed chickens. Sick chickens lay sick
salmonella-contaminated eggs.
Raw eggs provide good fat and good cholesterol essential for our well being.
Eating egg whites alone can cause a B vitamin(biotin) deficiency. Egg yolks have one of the
highest biotin concentrations in nature so eating the whole egg negates this concern.
Eating egg whites alone is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. The yolk contains
the good fats EPA & DHA, the good cholesterol and  the majority of essential nutrients.
If I were forced to discard any portion of an would be the whites.